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Spirit of Aina

Throughout the Pacific, the Native Hawaiian people were known for the excellence of their work and fine craftsmanship. The original people of this land were also expert farmers who found ways of maintaining balance between people and land through intentful land stewardship. Aina Greens continues this tradition by sourcing materials from Hawaii farmers who value the delicate relationship between the plants we grow for food and medicine and the people who receive these products. The aloha that our farmers put into the aina, or land, is the aloha that we share with you. To support the movement and help reclaim the loss of lands in Hawai’i, a portion of all proceeds goes back to the native Hawaiian community through the purchasing of Hawaiian lands for living, cultivation and cultural perpetuation purposes.

Charitable Partners

Hui Aloha ʻĀina Momona


Habitat for Humanity

Strategic Partners

Pot d'Huile